Giving Thanks

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time we spend with family and friends and reflect on things that we are thankful for.  It is awesome that we spend time on this day to give thanks, but I want to encourage you to give thanks today and everyday, it should be our mindset.  Each day we wake up is a blessing and another day to be grateful.  I am grateful for so many things and life is not always easy but I remind myself daily how truly blessed I am and I thank God.

I hope you that you enjoy your day and Thank You for your support.

Take Care,




Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is here and we have embarked on the start of yet another holiday season.  I love this time of year because it is one of the times we focus on things we are thankful for, as well as, spend time with our family and friends.  I thank God daily for my health and strength.  I also thank Him for my husband, parents, siblings, family and friends.  I have been blessed with so many wonderful people in my life, it is simply AMAZING!  I also am thankful and grateful to all that support Erika’s Elegance.  I know there are great things in store for us ahead and I look forward to sharing those wonderful things with you.

Happy Thanksgiving


I pray that you will take time to reflect and love on each other as you enjoy your family and friends.  Also, eat lots of food, enjoy lots of laughs and build a mountain of memories to reflect on years to come. I look forward to talking to you soon.