Happy Cinco De Mayo

I had a wonderful time working with wonderful event professionals for this Cinco de Mayo themed bridal shoot.  Great job to Niloufar Gibson of Perfectly Made Weddings, LLC for such a wonderful vision.  I had the pleasure of creating custom stationery for the shoot.






What an amazing day!

Event Planner – Perfectly Made Weddings
Photos – Krista Mason Photography Florals – The Events Boutique
Stationery – Erika’s Elegance Weddings and Events
Tuxedos – Friar’s Tux
Venue Molaa Art Museum
Linens – Glow Concepts Fine Linens

Have a great day!

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Wedding Invitations 101 – Ordering Tips

You’ve found the perfect invite that fits your wedding style and embodies everything you and your fiancé are.  You’ve also worked with your event planner or stationer to address the proper etiquette for your invitation.  Then you begin to wonder when should your invitations be ordered? How many do you order? When do I mail them? And the list goes on and on. I’d like to share with you some invitation ordering tips during this post.

Wedding invitations should be ordered 4 to 4 ½ months prior to your wedding. Invitations should be mailed 6-8 weeks prior (please note that for a destination wedding or a wedding surrounding a holiday, you want to add an additional 1-2 months onto this timeframe to allow planning time for your family and friends). It takes about 4-6 weeks to work with your stationer to come up with the invitation style, the correct fonts, the correct paper, and even the correct wording. After that is complete it takes about a week to get the order placed and off and once that is done it takes about 3-4 weeks to get the invitations back.  You also need to consider addressing time for the invites.


It is very important to have your guest list completed before ordering. You will need roughly one invite per household. You will want to order about 25 extra invitations for those in case you need to resend some invites out, want to send some to additional guests, or even want to keep one for yourself. It is expensive to go back and reorder invitations after the initial order. You will also want to order extra envelopes for the mistakes you may potentially make.

The last thing you need to consider when ordering invitations is postage. You will want to take a sample invitation with all of the enclosures as though you were sending to a guest to the post office to have them to weigh it. You want to make sure you have sufficient postage. You don’t want your invitation to get sent because you don’t have enough postage. In addition, you need to account for the postage for the RSVP envelope.  Please remember to include this amount in your budget as well.


I must admit, this is something that I used my contingency fund for because I didn’t account for it in my revised budget.  I know, I know what was I thinking.  Rest assure I always include this is my client’s budget. Depending on the size of your invite and whether or it can run through the postage machine, you may have extra postage added. Not only do we specialize in Wedding and Event Planning and Production at Erika’s Elegance, we also create custom stationery. We would love to create something specifically for you.


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