My Favorite Things

As an event planner, I find inspiration in many things BUT lately I have this growing obsession for lighting, specifically chandeliers.  I visit a lot of  of venues, and I find myself immediately gravitating to the ceiling to see what type of lighting they have.

These are some of my recent finds:

Chandalier 1
Fairmont Costa Mesa

This next one may be my all time favorite.  It is so whimsical…can you imagine this in the ceiling and your centerpieces having these same crystals dripping from the vase.  OMG how amazing would that be.  I see a vision coming to life :).

L.A. Hotel Downtown
L.A. Hotel Downtown

I’m not sure where I captured this one from, but it is not a traditional chandelier but it has so much flair.  It almost reminds me of having a sea of glass birds flying over you…How cool would that be?

Chandalier 3

If I could have a house full of chandeliers, I would be in heaven….I would keep the lights on all day, but that wouldn’t be very energy efficient and besides my hubby wouldn’t go for that, but a girl can dream can’t she? :).

What are some of your favorite things?  What gives you inspiration to decorate or throw an awesome party?  Leave us a comment so that we can share in your inspiration!

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Wedding Invitations 101 – Assembling Your Invitations

Assembling your wedding invitations closes out our series on Wedding Invitations 101.   It’s a simple task right?  All you have to do is put the invitation in the envelope, seal, and send.  Well yes, but keep in mind, your invitation is the first sneak peek your guests see of your wedding day.  Don’t you want it to be the best impression that can be made?  It’s not just about making a good impression, but assembling the invitation wrong defies the laws of nature :).  Well not actually, but it makes it a little easier for your guests when opening the invite.

Assembling your invitation:

  • Lay your invitation down with the wording face up if it is a folded invite, insert the folded edge first, if it is a single card invite, insert the left edge.
  • Next start placing your enclosure cards on top of the invitation in size order with the smallest on top and wording face up.
  • For the response card you will need to tuck it under its envelope flap, also wording face up.
  • If you have tissue paper, then you would put a piece on top of the invitation packet and then slide into the inner envelope.
  • The unsealed inner envelope is then placed in the outer envelope with names facing upward so when the envelope is opened the names of the guest are visible.

Wedding Invitations

But we’re not done.  It is also important to address both the inner and outer envelopes correctly.

Addressing your inner envelope:

The inner envelope lets the bride and groom signify exactly who is invited to the wedding.  If you have a family of four that has two children your envelope would be addressed as such:

Mr. and Mrs. Bowers
Brandon Bowers
Gabrielle Bowers

*It is also appropriate to write names informally such as Uncle Tony and Auntie Erika

Addressing your outer envelope:

The outer envelope is professionally using proper titles, first, middle (optional), and last names.  Titles are abbreviated, however, words in the address are spelled out such as Fourth Street or Begg Boulevard.  Children’s names are not included on the outer envelope, their names would be on the inner envelope if they are invited.

Married Couple:  Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bowers

Married Couple (wife outranks husband): Dr. Shondalette Adams and Mr. Desmund Adams

Married Couple (both doctors):  The Doctors Adams or Drs. Desmund and Shondalette Adams

Single Woman:  Ms. Kimberly Isaac or Miss Kimberly Isaac (under 18)

Divorced Woman:  Mrs. Willie Mae Owens, Ms. Willie Mae Owens, Ms. Willie Mae Parker

Widowed Woman: Mrs. Charles Owens

Separated Woman:  Mrs. Charles Owens, Mrs. Willie Mae Owens, Ms. Willie Mae Owens

*You should never address an outer envelope with “and guest.”  You should find out the guest’s name and use the unmarried couple living together naming convention if the couple shares a home, if they don’t, you should send the guest a separate invitation.

Hope this helps you on your quest to complete your invitations.  I would love to answer any questions you may have.  Please feel free to contact me.

Have a great day!



Holiday Weddings and Events…the Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

So you’re planning your wedding and you’re trying to decide on a date.  You have the wonderful idea of planning your big celebration around a holiday.  Awesome, great or wait……you then begin to wonder is this really a good idea.  Will guests want to come to our wedding?  What will the cost be?

Last week I shared with you my beautiful wedding.  I know, I may be biased 🙂 .  I am still floating on air thinking about the post.  My husband and I chose to have our wedding during Labor Day weekend and it was the best choice I ever made.  Many often wonder what having a wedding during the holiday means for them.  When planning an event there are many decisions to make and with those decisions there are often pros and cons.


EXTRA TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS is always a bonus.  Having an extra day added to your celebration due to the holiday will allow more of your out of town guest to attend the celebration because they won’t  have to worry about getting back to work the next day.

HAVING A THEME already created for you works for a lot of couples.  They simply determine their color scheme and begin to plan an event of a lifetime and depending on what type of event it is, your color scheme may already be developed.  Image having a Wintery Wedding around the Christmas Holidays, palettes of whites, or hues of blue or even green and gold all wonderful color schemes to choose from.

DECORATIONS, DECORATIONS AND MORE DECORATIONS.  Most venues lavishly decorate their facilities during the holidays which you would be able to incorporate into your celebration.  Often my clients find themselves only needing to focus on the centerpieces which gives them more bang for their floral arrangement buck!

Holiday Decor

Photo by Joe Hendricks Photography found on

NEVER FORGET YOUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.  Wouldn’t that be awesome if your hubby never forgot your anniversary.  Whoa, talking about cutting down on having to remind him of the happiest day of your life 🙂 that would be priceless in itself.

PRICING can be a pro or a con depending on which holiday you want to book an event.  At times, you’re able to get really good pricing because during the holidays people have planned celebrations with their families which leaves venues unoccupied and the Director’s willing to provide special pricing.


PRICING as stated can be a con, depending on which holiday you choose.  Valentine’s Day and even New Year’s Eve will always raise the pricing for you because of the popularity of those days.  In addition, many vendors charge and additional fee for working during the holiday and they are often in high demand.

SOME GUEST MAY OPT NOT TO COME to the big event because of previous plans.  From my experience, this isn’t one of the top cons.  Your closest family and friends are going to be so excited for you and want to share in the big celebration and wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world.  You guys will be surrounded by plenty of love.

DELIVERY DATES AND TIMES will require that you may have to work out a few more logistics but it is doable.  Being able to work with the rental companies and the venues is a must.  Delivery often has to be done a day or two prior to the event and picked up a few days after.  You will have to work with the venue to ensure someone is able to accept the delivery and pick-up, as well as, there is space to store the rental items.

WEATHER can be a factor when planning your event around the winter holidays such as Christmas and New Years or even the holidays during the rainy season if it will be outside.  Weddings and event during any season are doable, it just requires planning.  Work closely with your planner and rely on them to provide you with recommendations, solutions and risk plans if inclement weather occurs.


Image from

LOSING SIGHT OF YOUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY because it gets lost amongst the holiday festivities.  But I say, as long as, you and your hubby-to-be know the date, everything will be okay.


With all of the pros and cons to consider when choosing our wedding date, the biggest factor in making our decision was the extra day we had to spend with our family and friends.  We have planned weddings and events around several holidays and love being able to use the holiday to incorporate in the design plan.  Planning a holiday event? We would love to assist you during the planning process.  Contact us today and let plan your event and sweat the details so that you can enjoy being a part of the celebration!

I look forward to connecting with you again, join us as we share a Crab Boil Themed birthday party we recently did.  It was yum! yum! good.

Take Care,