Getting Started on Planning my Event

WOW!  Last week I had one of the best weeks a girl could ask for.  I was able to plan three different events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Sound crazy?  Well it could be a little crazy, but with your creative juices flowing and the right planning your event can turn out          amazing

So you have a party to plan or your wedding (which might I add, will be the most important event of the century). You have this vision of what you want it to look like in your head but you don’t quite no where to start!  Well you’re heading in the right direction.

It is so important that I stay with my client’s vision so that their event can have the “look and feel” they’ve dreamt about.  Below are three key elements I start with to get my creative juices flowing while planning an event.

Event Theme

The theme should be something that is significant to you.  It can be a hobby, a favorite sport, or even a certain era in time, such as the Great Gatsby era.  Once the theme is identified, it is important to pull the concept into every design element starting with the Save the Date cards through to the party favors.  Next we focus on…

Great Gastby Collage

Color Scheme

The color scheme is sometimes derived from the theme you’ve chosen.  Choosing the right colors is important because you want it to be representative of your personality and it will drive all of the design decisions made.  I love working with multiple colors in a palette and encourage my clients to pick one or two dominant colors, a sub-dominate color, and two accent colors.  Below is the color scheme chosen for the Great Gatsby event I am working on.  You’ll see black and gold has been used for the dominate/sub-dominate colors and are often associate with the Great Gatsby era.  Next we added a splash of deep red and black/white diagonals as the accent colors because the couple wanted to add a twist on the traditional Great Gatsby concept.  And lastly is your

Great Gatsby Color Scheme

Guest Takeaway

How do you want your clients to feel when they leave your event.  Do you want them to say that was the most awesome party in the world?  Or that it was the swankiest event of the century?  Or we partied like a rock star?  What ever you choose it should be incorporated in the elements you choose for your wedding.

As an event planner, I love being able to create the vision boards for my clients and rely on my past events and other event resources to find the perfect elements to complement their day.  One of the first sneak peeks your guest get into your wedding is the stationery.  There are so many great resources that provide Save the Date Cards, Invitations, and your other stationery needs.  I love to rely on my friends from Paperless Post when my creative juices start flowing because they have so many wonderful items to share.  Some of my faves for a Great Gatsby Themed Wedding from Paperless Post…

Paperless Post Konfetti Gold by Kelly Wearstler

Save the Date from Paperless Post

Konfetti Gold by Kelly Wearstler

Paperless Post Josephine Baker - BlackGold

Invitation, Menu Card, and Wedding Programs from Paperless Post

Josephine Baker also available in Black & Gold

Looking for more design inspiration? Check out these wonderful wedding invitations” target=”_blank”>wedding invitations and other stationery options that are sure to get your juices flowing from Paperless Post.

Are you hosting a party?  Would love to hear about your design ideas?

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What’s On Your Christmas List?

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday the Holiday season is in full gear.  I’m sure you have heard me scream time and time again, I love this time of the year, and share in the sentiments of singer Andy Williams “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

People are shopping and making their list and checking them twice.  What do you have on your Christmas list?  Have you been looking for that unique Christmas gift?  Check out our journals customized with name and tagline.  This book is sure to help anyone get a  jump start into writing their New Year’s Resolutions and Goals out.

Our I Love Purses Journal
Our Leopard Pair Journal
Our Leopard Pair Journal
Our Walking Into My Destiny Journal
Our Sophisticated Lady Journal
Our Letting My Light Shine Journal
Our Success Journal
Our My Cup Runneth Over Journal
Our A Strong Sisterhood Journal
Our I’m a Survivor Journal
Our Bridal Journal

Ready to start securing that perfect gift?  Hop on over to our Etsy Shop for more details.  We are busy over here planning holiday parties and prepping for Christmas.  Stay tune for some of our upcoming holiday posts.

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Wedding Invitations 101 – Etiquette

Custom Stationary by Erika's Elegance

As a planner, it is my responsibility to walk my clients through the entire process of planning their weddings or event and to provide them with the proper etiquette for every aspect of their big day.  During the planning process you will be faced with decisions on what to include at your wedding ceremony through the timeline of the reception traditions.  I get many questions in the area of  wedding invitations, particularly focusing on what should or should not be included on an invitation.  So what is right or wrong when it comes to invitations?

 Should invitations be hand delivered?

Historically this has been a big no-no.  Mailing some and delivering others is not proper etiquette; take the time to mail them all.  One time hand delivery would be okay if it fits within your overall theme.  If you are having a princess theme and you want to invite all of your guest to be a part of your royal court you could have the Queen’s men dress up and hand deliver a scroll of glass slipper inviting all of your guest to the grand event.  Then and only then would hand delivery be okay.

Can you put “Wishing Well Wedding” on your wedding invitation?

Wishing well weddings have gained notoriety over the past few years.  Many couples are already established and often have most of the items they need for the home.  A wishing well wedding is where your guest brings money versus a gift.   I’m sure we all have seen “Wishing Well Wedding” on an invitation we’ve received before, however this is not proper etiquette.  By putting this information on the invite, you are softly asking your guest for money. Remember you are inviting people to be “your guest” for the wedding and to help you celebrate the union.  Most guest will be honored that they are invited and will want to provide a gift for you, however, they should not feel obligated.

Can I include wedding registry information on the invitation?

Including wedding registry information on the invite is also not proper etiquette because it can appear that you are asking your guests for gifts.  A great way to get this information out is by telling your family and friends, as well as, putting the information on your website.

Is it okay to add “and guest” on your invite?

You should correctly address your invite by including all the names of the guests invited.  This will also help with having an adult only reception.  If someone sends back the RSVP with their kids names then you can call and let them know that you’re having an adult only reception and hope they can still come because you really want them to be a part of your special day.  Also, if there are a lot of kids, you may consider hiring a babysitting service which would be a nice gesture.

Can I have two guest lists? 

You should invite all your guest at the same time.  You never want to get into a situation where one guest is on the first list and another guest is on the second list and they find out they received invitations at different times, like weeks apart.  This could create hurt feelings and this is stress that you don’t want to add for yourself.  At times it may seem like a daunting task, but you can finalize your list.  I often work with my clients and provide recommendations on how to get to a final guest list.  Keep in mind that roughly 10-20 percent invited guest respond with regrets.

There are many etiquette issues that will pop up during your planning process.  These are a few that I frequently address with my clients.  At the end of the day I tell all of my clients that it’s their wedding day, but they have entrusted me to ensure that their wedding is planned correctly.

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We’ll be visiting more about invitations in upcoming posts.  Stay tuned….

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Savoring the Moment this Saturday

Hello, I feel like its been ages since I’ve last posted. Things have been crazy busy over here and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just got back from San Diego for a Brides Against Breast Cancer show. This cause has really been ramping up with shows in the Southern California area. We have several others coming up in the Los Angeles Area. It’s always great to meet so many wonderful vendors, volunteers, brides and often breast cancer survivors. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world.


Next I completed silk flowers for a client in Illinois.  Her color scheme was turquoise and white and I had so much fun creating these for her special day.

20140409_162321 20140409_101410

I also got to plan a 60th birthday party and the theme was Cooking because the guest of honor loves to cook.  We started off by asking all the guest to prepare a small dish within one of the four categories which were Appetizers, Salad, Main Entrée, and Desserts.  When the guest arrived, they were greeted with a sign that said Mitchell’s restaurant, named after the guest of honor.


Next I created menus for each guest that highlighted each of the items the guest chefs prepared for the contest.


We had chef hats for each person and provided them with white dishes to plate their food to be judged.

There were trophies awarded in each category.  Each dish was judged on presentation and taste.



Lastly I created all of the paper goods in red and white diagonals to give it a cooking flare.


Also check out this cute little napkin holder I found to add to the décor.


I had so much fun working on these things.  I’ve also been working on my custom journal collection which I’ll be sharing with you on Monday.  I hope you have a great weekend.

Take Care,



Showering Her with Love Bridal Shower

I’m so excited about entering into the spring season. When I think of springtime, I think of flowers in bright and vibrant colors, cool breezes and birds humming in the air.

Spring comes right on the heels of the engagement season and many brides will begin taking their journey down the aisle over the next several months. With weddings come bridal showers, a tradition which originated in the late 1800’s and is a time to shower the bride-to-be with love and pre-wedding gifts.

Today’s Bridal Shower photo-shoot is inspired by my love of the Spring season. Many of the ideas are simple DYI with supplies from your local craft store.

I chose a pink and mint green color palette, green being my favorite color in any shade and pink to add a touch of airy softness.

This soiree begins by welcoming our guest to enjoy a day of fun and laughter. I found this neat little welcome flower box at Michael’s Craft Store. You can add flowers or you can just use it as a focal piece.  And the wonderful antique bench was given to me by my wonderful and awesome friend Lisa Newberry of Rock This Events.  I just love having this piece in my arsenal of goodies.  Thanks Leese!

IMG_5321 updated

After the guests arrive, I want them to feel Spring in the air.  I created a paper flower backdrop to give this effect.  Making paper flowers is an idea my mother taught me as a little girl.  I remember her making them to decorate her classroom during in the Spring, as well as, making them for a fashion show at our church.  There are so many ways to decorate with paper flowers.


Here I wanted my flowers to resemble Garden Roses and Gerber Daisies.


I created all of the paper goods using two patterns I love, the diagonal and chevron.

 Starting with a banner I created “Showering Her With Love”

Erika's Elegance Custom Banner

I followed through with dessert cards, name tags, and cupcake and thank you tags

IMG_5272 IMG_5220 IMG_5224

I even created coasters and check out the paper flowers for the napkins!


 Next, I wanted the bride to feel very special, so I created this custom bride sign all with items found at Michaels Craft Store.  I’ll share the simple “How To” posts on several items in the next few weeks.  I absolutely fell in love when this one done.


Next I pulled in the fragrance of Spring with fresh flowers I arranged in various glass vases and I also used Honeysuckle candles found at Michaels.

IMG_5296 IMG_5280

Lastly, I added this little touch to the table cloth to resemble a bridal veil.

It was very simple and looked so cute.


I had so much fun creating this design.  I can’t wait until my next inspiration.






Got a bridal shower, wedding or event coming up?  I would love to help create a design specifically for you.  I love working with my clients to see their dreams come to life.  Contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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