Picking Your Wedding First Dance Song

I can’t tell you how many times my couples have asked what song they should use for their first dance.  Well I think that depends on several things.

  1. Do you have a special song?  This can be one that reminds you of when you first met, your first date, or even the first time you heard the word “I Love You.”
  2. What’s your favorite type of music.  We often think first dance songs have to be slow, but if you are the type that likes to boogie, why not start your party off with boogieing to a smooth and groovy tune.
  3. Is your wedding following a certain theme/era?  If so then you may want to get your inspiration from that!  How cool would it be to dance to “It Had to Be You” at a Roaring ’20s themed wedding.  I can see it now a swing band with someone belting out the tunes (sorry I just got lost in the moment, lol)

But if you’re still having trouble, below are 10 of my favorites that I’ve seen couples get  get teary-eyed over the years while taking their first dance as man and wife!

  1. All My Life – K.C. and JoJo
  2. At Last – Etta James
  3. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Frankie Valli or Lauryn Hill remake
  4. Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra
  5. Lost Without You – Robin Thicke (this was actually used for my hubby and my first dance)
  6. For You – Kenny Latimore
  7. Let’s Stay Together – Al Green
  8. Your Song – Elton John
  9. So Amazing – Luther Vandross
  10. It Had to Be You – Billie Holiday

And so many  more….Tell us what song you are considering for your first dance and why you chose it?


Real Party – Tony’s Jazz Club

This June, my hubby turned a major milestone and I wanted to celebrate and honor him.  He had never had a surprised birthday party so I thought it was a wonderful time to surprise him and at the same time throw and awesome party!

Party TimeI wanted my husband’s party to reflect who he is which is why I chose a Jazz Theme since he is a musician.  The color scheme I chose was navy blue, silver and black.  As an event planner, I can get carried away with color schemes, but I was so excited to be able to use his favorite color, which navy blue and it seemed to fit the theme so well.  Check out our day!



Each table had a Jazz Great assigned to the table with little known facts, and a welcome sign saying “Welcome to T’s Jazz Club” IMG_9990

I must say that it took a lot of planning to surprise my hubby.  He is so inquisitive and very in tune with me, so I had to solicit help from our dear friends Paul and Lisa, and his cousin Darryl.  If it weren’t for those guys I don’t know how I would’ve pulled it off.  Well since we had the party at our house, I had to devise a plan to get him out of the house.  So Darryl picked him up that morning and the work began.  I later picked him up and brought him back to the house and the surprise began.



We got him good.  Our family and friends greeted us as we walked through the door.  I was so happy!

I wanted guests to feel the musical tone as they walked in the door.  To accomplish this, I created a music note backdrop that would also be used for pictures.  I thought this came out so cute.  I had so much fun creating it.


Since it was a Jazz Club theme we had a life band, the Paul Allen Connection which consisted of guys my husband plays with.  We also had the lovely songstress Lisa Newberry who belted out jazz tunes and a lovely rendition of happy birthday.  We sat the band up in our dining room where my husband’s organ is so that he could jam with the band at the end of the night. I must say this could’ve been a real recording session with all the musical talent in the room.





My hubby loves fresh fruit, so I created a fruit bar for he and the guests to enjoy while waiting on the main course.


 I created the table cloths to have a blue sequins on the top to give it a jazzy, disco type feel.

As the guests arrived, we had our host Mr. Sebastian to give them a menu so that they could order their meal for the night.  I had fun creating these.  I wanted it to have the jazz club feel with a black menu which I embossed with my hubby’s initial.




On the menu was Shrimp, Chicken and Sausage Gumbo w/Rice, Vegetarian Gumbo w/Rice (My hubby is a vegetarian and I had to have something especially for him), Red Beans ‘n Rice, Put the Squeeze on Mac ‘n Cheese by Lady Robin, Chicken Wangs, and Ha’ Mercy Cornbread all cooked by yours truly with the exception of the Mac ‘n Cheese cooked by our friend Robin.




We had several drink options which I gave musical terms.  The Blue Tone-Tini Martini our Signature Drink and the Sweet Sangin-gria, and we had Grape, Strawberry, Orange Soda Pop.  I also created name tags for everything.



Lastly the desserts were created by Mrs. Amanda of Sweet Granny Cakes.  If you have not had her sweet treats you are missing out.



Check out the music cupcake tags I created.

Overall we just had a good ‘ole time enjoying our family and friends.


The Dream Team




And kudos to our awesome photographer Harris of GC Photobooth.  He was the best!

Me and Harris

At the end of the day, my hubby was very happy and that’s enough for me.  Hope you enjoyed sharing in our day.

When planning events, I always start with my client to get the inspiration for my theme.  Where do you find your inspiration?

Take Care and have a great weekend!


Real Wedding – My Wedding


This is how I felt six years ago when I married the love of my left and STILL feel that way today.  I had dreamt of my wedding for many years and for me I think I dreamt of it even more since I was a wedding and event planner.  I use to joke with my husband when we  dated that all I needed was for him to ask me to marry him because I had our entire wedding planned.  I think I nearly scared him off :).

I remember the day so clearly like it was yesterday.  I had been busily planning every little detail and the big day was finally here.  We had our wedding Labor Day Weekend so we could include all of our family and friends and be able to spend time with them after the wedding.  We were married August 30th, 2008.

Our theme for the day was music since both my husband and I are musicians and our color scheme was  brown, cream, green, and gold for the color palette.


The day started off just as I wanted it to, spending with family and friends.  We all arrived at the church, I had all my girls wear black shirts with blue jeans and I wore a white shirt.  I think my girls looked awesome.

My girls color

I bought bridesmaid’s pins for each of them and we just had a ball before the wedding, laughing and sharing many memories.

Bowers_Wedding16 Bowers_Wedding15

I got to spend a lot of time with my sister during this day, she was by my side every step of the way.


I wanted to wear my hair in a classic style, so I wore my hair wavy with a side bun

Bowers_Wedding25 Bowers_Wedding42


My hairdresser Pam, pictured here did a wonderful job, I absolutely loved my hairstyle.  I even wore it like that for a month after the wedding.

I love bows my Matron’s of Honor dresses had a side bow and my dress was a lace up tied with a bow.

Bowers_Wedding44 Bowers_Wedding35

I tied my sister’s bow and she tied my bow, so special. 

There were so many wonderful elements and personal touches to our wedding.  Both my husband and I have big families and we wanted everyone to feel special and to feel the love that we shared.  Since my husband is a musician he wanted to emphasize music.  I let him control all of the music.  He even picked the song I walked in on.  I know, right :).

We had a full band and a choir who sang all of the music at our wedding.

Bowers_Wedding208 Bowers_Wedding205

 I surprised my husband with a special tribute to him, since I can’t since, I spoke before I walked in and my songstress cousin Michele Sunni’Dai Stiles rocked the house!
Bowers_Wedding165 Bowers_Wedding167

And my hubby surprised me by playing at both our wedding and reception.

Bowers_Wedding202 Bowers_Wedding398

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my hometown and it was a must to take pictures near the arch.

Bowers_Wedding322 Bowers_Wedding287

We had the best desserts, our cake was German chocolate and Chocolate covered in Chocolate icing.  There was not a single slice left.  And our nephew is the master baker and he make pound cakes for desserts and none was left either.

other desserts our cake

And then we danced the night away!


Having my wedding during a holiday did present a few challenges that were overcome, but the privilege of having all of my family and friends present far outweighed any challenges.

So what are the pros and cons of having a wedding during the holidays?  Stay tuned next week while we take a look….

Hope you had a ball walking down memory lane with me, I sure did.  See ya soon.

Take Care,



Photographer – Lance Omar Thurman

Musical Director – Joseph Price

Wedding Cake – Wedding Wonderland

Desserts – Jason Clemons

Make-up – Kimberly Patterson-Bey

Hair – Pam of M.B.P.’s