My Favorite Things

As an event planner, I find inspiration in many things BUT lately I have this growing obsession for lighting, specifically chandeliers.  I visit a lot of  of venues, and I find myself immediately gravitating to the ceiling to see what type of lighting they have.

These are some of my recent finds:

Chandalier 1
Fairmont Costa Mesa

This next one may be my all time favorite.  It is so whimsical…can you imagine this in the ceiling and your centerpieces having these same crystals dripping from the vase.  OMG how amazing would that be.  I see a vision coming to life :).

L.A. Hotel Downtown
L.A. Hotel Downtown

I’m not sure where I captured this one from, but it is not a traditional chandelier but it has so much flair.  It almost reminds me of having a sea of glass birds flying over you…How cool would that be?

Chandalier 3

If I could have a house full of chandeliers, I would be in heaven….I would keep the lights on all day, but that wouldn’t be very energy efficient and besides my hubby wouldn’t go for that, but a girl can dream can’t she? :).

What are some of your favorite things?  What gives you inspiration to decorate or throw an awesome party?  Leave us a comment so that we can share in your inspiration!

Take Care,



Life IS Like a Box of Chocolates

I understand more now than ever the scene from the movie when Tom Hank’s character Forrest Gump said “My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”


For me, this is what my year has been, an assortment of things, not knowing what to expect each day I wake up. My post today won’t talk about Wedding or Event Planning but it focuses on non-planning.  There are often times where you won’t have the opportunity to plan for things that will occur in your life.

So I recently found myself asking what do you when life throws you what you don’t want?

You PUSH!!!

I first saw the acronym about 10 years ago when I was going through the illness of my son Brandon.  I’m not sure who coined the acronym or even where I initially saw it but this has resonated with my spirit over the years.

What does PUSH-ing look like? It will be different for every person.  I love what PUSH represented when I initially heard it.  Pray Until Something Happens.

So for me, when I push, I first pray about ALL things whether big or small.  Next, I look at what I can do to change the situation.  If I cannot change the situation, I look at how I can change in the situation.  This is not always easy because sometimes we have to be content with were we are in life.  Next I look  for encouragement whether it be from family or friends, from motivational reading, or as the songwriter said, sometimes you have to encourage yourself.  I am learning how to become my biggest cheerleader.  I often tell others that it is important to have a good circle of family and friends.  Your circle doesn’t have to be big, but it must be filled with those who have your back.  And finally I give myself a timeline.  Life is hard, and at times you’ll laugh, cry, be happy, sad, mourn, grieve, feel down and have a lot of other emotions and that is okay, however, you cannot stay in that state. My aunt often tells me, if you have to cry and you’re driving, pull over, cry, you’ll feel better and then get back on the road.  That’s the philosophy I have, I must get back on the road.

I wanted to share this because we all have things that happen in our lives and I appreciate your support of my blog.  I have had several whammies thrown at me this year, from losing my father while visiting home during the holidays in January to losing my first cousin a few weeks ago and many other things in between and I am PUSH-ing through.  If you are going through anything at this time, please stay encourage.  Stay focused and know that you are not by yourself, everybody has received a box of chocolates at some point in their lives.

I hope you have a great day.  And stay tuned for our upcoming post on Wedding Invitation 101.






Erika’s Elegance Custom Journals

When I first moved out to California I was amazed at how many people kept a journal. It was fascinating and yet intriguing. I was impressed to see the many beautiful journals people had that often reflected their personality.

It wasn’t until my dear friend Shamilla reached out to me to create a journal for her that I totally got into the whole journal thing. Shamilla is an author who is an avid writer and is very passionate about journaling. I thank her for helping me to tap into my creativity to create a collection of journals that other’s may be able to enjoy.

Welcome to my collection…


My Bridal journal, created for the Bride-to-Be.  It was designed for the bride to keep in her purse and have all of her planning information at her fingertips.  This journal has all of the vendor numbers in one place and provides 12, 9, 6, 4, 3, 2,  and 1 month  timeline checklists,


This is my Breast Cancer journal.  A portion of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research.  My inspiration for this was my Auntie Louvenia my mother’s sister who is like a mother and my Aunt Betty who is my dad’s sister, who lost her battle.  I wanted to honor those who have fought so bravely and to help support the cause.  This journal has all of your important doctor and cancer support numbers, cancer resources, and motivational information.


Sophisticated Lady was inspired by my mother.  My mother is flawlessly beautiful inside and out.  She is truly a woman of God and has always taught us Godly principle growing up.  She is truly a model of a person growing old gracefully.  Her smile illuminates the room and she has style out of this world.  I can’t keep up with her, she is Mrs. Fashionista!


The Walking into my Destiny journal was inspired by my sissy as I affectionately call her, Shawnte’.  I am so very proud of the woman she has become.  I am the oldest and am very protective over her.  I have watched her grow into a wonderful young woman. She is an awesome wife, mother and mighty  woman of God.  I just love her.  My sister and I love shoes and often try each other’s shoes on.  So what better idea than to create a journal for two of my loves.  This journal is so fun and I would definitely rock all of these shoes.


Let your Light Shine was inspired by my little sister Lezlie.  I actually did her version with a red dress because she’s a Delta.  Lezlie is such a beautiful young woman and I have watch her grow and she just emits light everywhere she goes.  She exudes elegance, class and lovingness.  Can you tell I love my sisters :).


The Success journal was inspired by my God sister Kim.  It speaks of stature and position.  Kim is very driven and has become so successful.  I am so proud to see her evolve into the young woman she has become.  She is running the corporate world.  This is for the person who is striving to reach their best potential.


My Cup Runneth Over was created for the coffee lover and is inspired by one of my favorite passages Psalms 23.


I Love Bags was designed because of my love for handbags.  It is for the person who has journeyed through life and has a story to tell.  You can go through things in life and still come out beautiful.

This last collection was designed because of my BFF Shondalette who is a die hard Delta.  I wanted to create something cute and sophisticated that she could use at her meetings.  I then expanded it to include other sororities.




I’ve also had a chance to create a couple of custom journals for clients which is always exciting.

Mahajan__White_Rabbit_Photo_Boutique_MahajanShower13 IMG_5148

The Peacock Journal which doubled as a baby book and was created for a Peacock themed baby shower I planned and the Ladybug journal that I created for my Author friend Shamilla.

I realized that in creating the journals, we all have stories that help shape and pattern our lives. Even if you aren’t an author, your story should be passed down to your kids, grandkids and great-grandkids. You don’t know how what you’ve experience can help someone else.

My collection can be found on Etsy. This can make a wonderful custom gift for someone, remember Mother’s Day is coming up.  I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Are you journaling your journey?

Take Care,