Who’s Birthday is it Today?

Is your birthday today?  Well if so…



Today is my birthday too and I want to celebrate with you!

I haven’t blogged in awhile and boy have I missed you guys.  There is like a longing that you have when you haven’t connected with the blogosphere and man did I feel it.  BUT there was good reason for me not blogging.  As you may have heard me say before, I’ve been busy as a bee….well I have truly been busy as a bee.  I have had events every Saturday and Sunday for the past few months and other stuff in between.  It has been great.  I truly enjoy living out my purpose, passion, and dreams as an event planner.

Well, I’m back and I hope you’re ready to put up with me :).  During my events, I had a chance to do a few milestone birthday parties which were super awesome.  I’ll share those with you, as well as, share a few ideas about throwing an awesome birthday party.

I hope you guys have a great weekend and if it is your birthday or you know someone born on May 1st, drop a line here and wish them a Happy Birthday so we can all share in their special day.

Take Care,




Real Party – Southern Style Crab Boil

I love taking a client’s vision and really bring it to life.  I was so excited when my dear friend asked me to help plan a Southern Style Crab Boil themed birthday party.  How exciting, I would be able to pull from my southern roots to help make a memorable event.

The guests were greeted with a customized sign I created for the birthday boy’s special day.

pauls crab boil

I will be sharing a DIY post on how to create this sign so you can create for your party.

Now a crab boil wouldn’t be a crab boil without crab.

crab cropped

Our guest of honor loves blue crab so we searched until we found live blue crab.

Our host wanted guests to feel as though they were at a true southern crab boil.  I started by creating these menus made with a blue and white chevron pattern with a splash of red and yellow.  On the menu was a true southern styled meal.

signed cropped

We used the red and white picnic table cloth pattern and set-up newspaper down the middle of the table so that we could place the crab directly on the table.  We added galvanized buckets to hold the corn and potatoes.

table setting

And we star the cooking, first the corn, then potatoes, then the crab, voila!

20140816_180218 20140816_180243 20140816_180456

The guests had such a nice time, and joined in the cooking fun!


Throwing a shindig and need help pulling your vision together?  We’d love to help, so just give us a call.  Have a great weekend!

Take Care,