3 Steps to a Happy Galentine’s Day

Pretty neat concept. What do you think?


Superbowl Party Fun

Depending on who you were rooting for, you are either basking in glory or scratching your head and asking what happened???  Well this year’s Superbowl hit an all time record with viewers an estimated 114 Million viewers.

Well I don’t know about you but I sure did have an awesome time decorating and getting things together for the big day. Below are pictures from the Superbowl celebration.



I love crisp clean lines and love the look white picture frames add to any event.  I created this sign that was placed near the beginning of the food line.

IMG950163  IMG950161

Created these signs in the team colors.  Which door would you choose?


Had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Lesley of 5K Nutrition for this event.  Her and her team cutely wrapped the dinnerware for the guests.  These turned out so cute.

                                           20150201_141907  20150201_144920

Created these cute little signs for all of the food items.  I love how the yellow and green pair together.


No party would be complete without dessert.  Served mini chocolate cupcakes on this created cupcake tier which is actually three individual cake stands.  And the focal point of the day was the snack table.  I so love how it turned out and everything was created with supplies from your local craft store.

 20150201_145754 20150201_145759


20150201_145636 20150201_145644

Overall I’d say that we made a touchdown with the day’s event.


Well football season is officially over.  Here’s to next year’s party ideas.

Take Care and have a great day!


Are You Ready for Some Football???

Tomorrow the Seattle Seahawks will take on the New England Patriots in which some are predicting to be the “television event of the year.”  The International Business Times estimates “this game will draw higher ratings than any show this year and will have a good chance to exceed the number of viewers this year versus last.”  Per Nielsen there was an average of 111.5 million viewers.  Can you say WOW!!!

That’s a lot of people, a lot of parties, AND a lot of creative party ideas.  So what does one do to get ready for a Superbowl party?

I think there are four elements that are sure to make your party a hit; a comfortable and laid back atmosphere, great food, great drinks, and the game which is really the highlight of the party.

The Atmosphere…People want to enjoy the game and all the antics that go with it, like talking smack about your favorite team, enjoying the half-time show, and even looking at the replays.  As the host, you want your guests to be comfortable and relaxed.  I’ve been to parties where everyone just sat around and watch the game in silence.  So not fun.  The game is about energy after all it is not only the game that will announce the best team of the year, it is the last game of the season, no more football until the end of the year.  So you want your guest to feel this energy.

You can set the atmosphere with fun decor.  I love the idea of setting your food table up to look like a football field.  In fact this is one of the ideas I’m working on for my Superbowl decor.  We found this cute table from A Night Owl’s Blog.


Great Food…you want to have great food that your guests can easily go back and forth to grab.  Why not create your menu on options that are often found at concession stands???  Some food suggestions are:

  • Chicken Wings
  • Popcorn (Why not provide different flavors for your guest to try)
  • Spinach Dipdrinks
  • Chips and Salsa
  • Chili Dogs or Corn Dogs for the kids
  • Soft Pretzels
  • Nachos and Cheese

Great Drinks…are a must.  You want to have a variety.  Try providing fruit infused water which is always refreshing, some fresh lemonade, and a variety of beers would be great.

The Game…well that should be a given right? :).  I am so excited about tomorrow’s game and I have been designing decor for tomorrow’s shindig.  I’m excited to see how everything will turn out.  I can’t wait to show you pictures next week.  So, ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL???  

Superbowl 2015

I’d love to hear your party ideas for tomorrow.  Please leave a comment so we can join in on your celebration.

Have a great weekend and go Seahawks………or Patriots :).

Take Care,


Happy Birthday to You Party Ideas!

Sunday, I shared with you that it was my mother’s birthday.  I got to join the celebration via Face Time. Last year I actually got to celebrate with her in Saint Louis and boy did I have a ball planning her surprise party.  My sister and I decided that since it was a milestone for her, and we had just unexpectedly loss our dad a few weeks before, we wanted to make this an extra special birthday for her.  This was going to be a challenge though, my mother knows everything and it is very hard to pull the wool over her eyes.  So we decided to host the party at my sister and brother-in-law’s house and invited her closest friends and family.

I  immediately kicked into party planner mode, who wouldn’t with an opportunity like this, doing something you  love to do AND for the girl of my heart?  It was a win-win situation and an opportunity for me to design and create some cool stuff to add a special touch for her day.

It was excited to see my entire family kick into event planner mode with me and we got all the planning and decor done in a week AND she was so surprised!



I wanted the party to focus more on the celebration versus the décor, so I created just a few focal points and allowed the love in the air create the atmosphere.

Black, cream, and gold was the color scheme.  I wanted classy colors to complement a classy woman.

 I created this custom birthday sign with a diagonal pattern and used a pearl paper to give it an elegant touch.


I love to add contrast to things when I’m creating so I created this tissue paper pom-poms in a polka dot pattern.  I added a little twist in how I cut the paper to give it a more contemporary feel.  My mother was actually the one who taught me how to make these when I was a little girl.  Tissue paper flowers are one of those old decorating ideas that will never go out of style.  I placed these on the cupcake table and around the home.


The main focal point was the cupcake table.  I must say I was very proud of this creation.  I wanted to give the table a WOW factor so I created this awesome back drop by making paper rosette flowers to create this masterpiece.  Well it may not be a real masterpiece, but my mother loved it so much she has it hanging in her home to this day.


My sister’s home had a wonderful furniture accent piece that paired well with the decor.  I love the hutch the cupcakes sat on.

Another DIY idea I used was making the cupcake stands.  This was done by attaching plates to candle stick holders and spray painting them in black and gold.

This is something you can definitely keep for serving items at any dinner party.


Lastly I asked several of my mother’s friends and family to describe her and what it meant to celebrate her birthday.  I used those saying to created these custom cupcake tags:  “It’s Your Party”, “Diva Lady”, “Happy Birthday”, “We Love You”, “#1 Mom”, and “You’re Special.”  And I created these water bottle labels and gave guests bottle water as they left.  I got so excited I didn’t take a picture of them but here is the label design.

Momma's Water Bottle Labels

I hope you enjoyed some of the Birthday Party Decorating Ideas I presented.

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Thanks for sharing more time with my family.  I hope you have a great day!

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Birthday Wishes

I couldn’t let this day go by without saying wishing my mother a happy birthday.  This lady is so special to me and has poured so much into my life from instilling great values, love of education, and passion for our family.  She is the one who got me started with creating things which launched me into event planning.  Here’s to you momma!

Happy Birthday

My momma


Thank you blogosphere for sharing with me in celebrating my mother’s birthday.  I wasn’t able to be in Saint Louis to celebrate physically with her this year but we sure did have a blast her last birthday.  I’ll share some of the decor created for that event later this week.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your week!


Pantone’s Color of the Year Marsala – A Slam Dunk

Pantone Color of the Year

When Pantone introduced its new color of the year I was immediately captivated.  It’s a color that may be familiar to many of us, but I honestly haven’t taken advantage of the fullness of it’s beauty.  In fact, I can only remember having one client who used this color and I think it makes for a wonderful color palette.

Per Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, “Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us into its embracing warmth.”   And I totally agree, when I look at Marsala I get a cool feeling and can see it being used for invitations, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen attire, linens, and so much more.

Marsala can be paired with so many other colors such as oranges, yellows, lavenders, and even reds to give it a vibrant pop.  Pantone even recommends the following options for Wedding Color Palettes.


So what’s all the buzz about?  Take a look and see how so many have been inspired by Marsala…

I love how the designer of this invitation paired the Antique Gold color with the hot sultry color Marsala

Pantone invitation

Check out this beautiful nail color by Essie, a nice touch for any bridesmaid or a bride who wants to add a splash of color to her nails on wedding day.

Pantone Nail Polish


Give me a splash of this lip color any day!

d and g lipstick

Now that we’ve seen some items to accessories ones beauty let’s take a look at some of the attire.  I love this bridesmaid dress.


Being a shoe girl myself, I couldn’t quite decide which pair I would wear, so here’s an idea why not buy them both!



And now something for the bride, she defintely would be the center of attention with this awesome bridal bouquet


And lastly check out these awesome wedding decor ideas




I don’t know about you but I am even more inspired by this wonderful color.  I can see myself using this color in wedding decor, home decor and even fashion in the near future.  Well I hope you guys have something planned this weekend.  After the launch of the color of the year, I realized that I have a purse in that color scheme that I will toting this weekend.  I am so excited and can’t wait.

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend and I look forward to talking to you soon.

Take Care,


Photo Credit: InvitationNails, Lipstick, Bridesmaid Dress, Shoes Photo 1, Shoes Photo 2, Bridal Bouquet, Wedding Decor 1, Wedding Decor 2, Wedding Decor 3

Happy New Year

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been since last year that we last connected.  Well Happy New Year to you!  I am so excited to be back in California.  I went to my home town of Missouri and was able to spend three whole weeks with my family.

It was super awesome.  I am a huge family lover and always revel in the time I get to spend with them.  I was able to spend a lot of quality time with my mother and aunt, something I really value especially with the year we had in losing my dad, and my cousin during the Christmas holidays.

I also got to spend time with my nieces and nephews and boy are they getting big.  And lastly I got to spend time with my sissy poo, my brother, my little sisters, cousins and friends.  Well enough about me, I feel like I have so much to tell you!!!

Well during my visit, I was also able to really put some time into looking at my business and what will come this year for Erika’s Elegance Weddings and Events.  This is where you come in!

Happy New Year Post 1.20.2015

What do you want to see from Erika’s Elegance this year?  Are there questions about Wedding etiquette that you need advice on?  Are you planning a kids birthday party and don’t know where to begin?  Or do you want to know what colors pair well together to make a fabulous color scheme for your event?

Your opinion matters to me and I would love to hear your feedback.  I believe this is a year for us to grow and I want you to be a part of that journey.  Well here’s to an awesome year and I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Take care,



2014 New Year’s Resolution


Well we are closing in on another year out with the old and in with the new.  I don’t know about you, but this has been a humdinger of a year for me.  I have faced many challenges over the course of the last 12 months, many I would not want to experience again.  I have seen many posts and discussions about New Year’s Resolutions.  I have even been a part of many of those discussions.  Often times, when talking about our resolutions, we want to focus on the things we would like to change in for the New Year or that we want to do differently.

 This year, I am switching the focus a bit.  Of course, there are things that I am working on both personally and professionally.  But there are some things that I am pretty darn happy with and so I want to countdown my top 10 work/life philosophies that I want to carry into the New Year with me.  Are you ready?

Glitter Gold 10

CREATIVITY allows you to dream BIG.  I encourage you to think outside the box.  Some of the best ideas have been birthed by what I call “crazy thinking.”  Often times I’ll have ideas that seem even outlandish to me.  They at times don’t make sense, but when I put all of the elements together those are the times when I have created some of my best pieces of work.

Glitter Gold 9I want to be able to always provide supreme VALUE to my clients.  I believe they deserve the best I have to give whether it’s during a planning session, vendor meeting, or on event day.  I want every encounter we have to add value to their life.


Glitter Gold 8Paying ATTENTION TO DETAILS is one of the things I strive to improve upon daily for my events.  I love to take a client’s vision and to incorporate one key element into every element of the event, albeit entertainment, design, or décor.  I once had a bride who wanted to be a princess, not only did she dress like a princess, but she was pulled by statesmen to her groom in a white carriage.  She was then transported from the ceremony to the reception site in a horse drawn carriage.  I love finding ways to pull unique elements into my client’s day.


Glitter Gold 7GRIT is the same thing as passion, sticking to it, pushing forward even when there are multiple things stacked against you.  This is so important in life.  You never know who you may inspire while you’re pushing your way through.  I have often found at times, I inspired myself.



Glitter Gold 6PROFESSIONALISM that should be displayed in everything that you do.  Other’s want to know that you take what you do seriously.  This is displayed in how you run meetings, the tone and look of your emails, and even your overall demeanor.



Glitter Gold 5I believe that we either learn something new every day, or gain insight into things that we already know.  GROWTH is so important.  I never want to stay stagnant.  I love to feed my mind with new things, whether it’s learning a new word, learning something about a new topic, or even learning a new game during my down time.  I can always count on my hubby to help me grow in the news area, he is a LOVES the news and always keeps me abreast of what’s going on in our world.  I truly appreciate him for that because I would spend all my time creating all day :).


Glitter Gold 4POSITIVITY can make a difference in how your day goes.  Have you ever been down and then someone came and just started speaking positive thoughts into your life?  Or have you have just started reading some motivational material and it just pulls your inner spirit up.  I’ve learned that life happens, and often times we are dealt lemons, but I am so grateful for the person who came up with the saying “when life hands you lemons make lemonade,” because how you choose to deal with life’s happenings can mean a new opportunity, a new creative idea, or even a new encounter with someone.  Negativity drains so much out of you.  It is said that it takes more energy to frown than it does to smile and I’m all about conserving energy :).


Glitter Gold 3 GREAT RELATIONSHIPS is a must for everyone.  I am a firm believer, that EVERY one doesn’t need to know your business, however, it is important to have a close circle of friends who can encourage you, who you can bounce ideas off of, or who can just be there when you need them.  These relationship should be cultivated and they should always be reciprocal.  We often get into relationships that are one sided and one person’s needs aren’t being met.  I’m talking about those times when you both are giving 110%.  And yes, those type of people are out there, and they are just waiting for YOU!


Glitter Gold 2INTEGRITY is one of the most important elements of you and your business.  You have to create an environment where your clients and vendors can trust that you will operate in their best interest.  This means meeting deadlines and delivering what you promise.  I was always taught by my parents that if you don’t have your word, you don’t have anything.  This is a philosophy that I currently live by.

Glitter Gold 1Lastly I want the LOVE of God to shine so brightly through me that my clients, vendors, and prospects all experience the same love that my family and friends receive.  It is easier to love those who we are in constant relationship with, but I want to be able to love everyone because love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, and it is not proud.

Although I placed a numbering system with the items they are ALL important and valuable attributes I think that are important for your mind, body and soul.  I am so happy for all the support you’ve shown me over this past year.  I look forward to growing together in 2015.  Happy New Year.

Let's Do This

Take Care,


It Feels Like Christmas Time Here!

I probably sound repetitive by now, but Christmas is my most absolute favorite time of the year.  It is a time that I get to use my own creativity for decorating my home for the holidays.  I was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri with thick Louisiana roots.  One of the biggest things I love about Christmas time in Saint Louis is the snow.  I always loved playing in the snow and have fond memories from my childhood.

When I visited home last Christmas there were two major snow storms so needless to say, I was in heaven.  The snow became a release for my family and I because we lost our dad during the holiday season, so playing in the snow became therapeutic and I now have a new found fondness for the snow.  I made snow angels, went sledding with my nieces and nephews, and had good ‘ole fashion snow ball fights.  So when I thought about what would be a great concept for this year’s décor, it was a no brainer for me.  I wanted to have the same wintery feel in my home in California which is the inspirations for this year’s Christmas tablescape.  When I think of the winter, I not only think of the crisp white snow right after a snow storm, I think of things that you need to keep your warm for the snow.  Things such as boots, wood burning fireplaces, and thick furry clothing.


I started by created these furry napkin holders made out of items found at your local fabric and arts and crafts stores.  The deep brown color paired really well against the crisp white linen napkins (which I had in my stash).  I wrapped the fur around the napkin to resemble a hand muff used when I was a little girl.


My hubby had the wonderful idea to add the candy cane to the set-up and I absolutely love it.


Next I cut more of the faux fur to create a placemat which was cut in the traditional size, but I let it hang over the side of the table against the white tablecloth.


Next, I cut a piece of faux fur and tossed over the chairs to resemble a winter throw or those bear rugs you see hanging in winter cabins


Next I wanted lots of candles to bring in the warmth for the winter season.  I chose red candles and used various heights of candle holders and even cut some of the candles to give a staggering look.


Lastly I wanted to add a little faux snow on the custom sign I created.


I was so excited about how this look turned out.  Every time I walk into our dining room I get feelings of nostalgia.






What are some traditions, décor, or recipes that make you feel nostalgic?  Leave a comment here or hop on over to our Facebook page.  We’d love to hear from you.

Hope you are having a great week.  It’s countdown to Christmas.

Take Care,