Brides Against Breast Cancer – Whittier Event

Brides Against Breast Cancer is Coming to Whittier!!!

Whittier CA Flyer

Looking for all brides, come out and get an awesome bridal gown, see some amazing vendors, all while supporting an awesome cause.  BABC is a non-profit organization is committed to raising over $2 million dollars to fund free support services to anyone impacted by cancer.   You can find more info at

Erika’s Elegance Weddings and Events is a sponsor of this wonderful event and will be hosting a booth.  We hope to see you there!

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What a Fun Week!!!

Happy Friday!  As we close out another week, I must say I love what I do.  I had a wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing vendors on a Bridal Photo Shoot for Hair and Make-up Stylist Monica of Monica Duldulao Professional Hair and Makeup.  She always looks stunning!


When Monica reached out to me about the photo shoot, I was very honored and excited to join the photo shoot team to create the flowers and design and décor for the shoot.  Monica wanted to highlight three looks for the photo shoot.  She wanted to do an Elegant look that focused on crystals, a Bohemian look which focused on color, and lastly a Rustic look.  I want to show you a sneak peak behind the scenes.


If this chandelier is any indicator of how beautiful the photo shoot was, you are correct.  I absolutely love this accent which is very edgy.


One of our beautiful models Ruby and Photographer Joan Fuller of Joan Fuller Photography.


Our Bouquet created for the Elegant look.  I added a little bling to the look to pull in the bling elements for the photos shoot.

Also, look a the beautiful jewelry on the model’s wrist and in her hair created by Dvnchi Bridal Accessories


Our other beautiful model Vanessa adorning our Bohemian look.   I wanted to use flowers from the flower crown to tie the bouquet to the overall look.


 I love the way the bridal crown came out and check out those eyes.  Monica you have done it!

20141209_174426 20141209_174400

Lastly our Rustic look.  I love how the bouquet and boutonniere came out.

20141209_175029 20141209_152716

Me and our wonderful photographer Joan and her lovely assistant Anna


I can say it was a wonderful day!  Are you ready for more to come?

I appreciate your support and stopping by my blog.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  This weekend will be busy for me, I am attending tree trimming tonight and I am so excited, and then tomorrow will have rehearsal all day prepping for our big Christmas play on Sunday.  I have been directing the play for the past 3 years and it is an absolute joy in working with our Children’s ministry.  I’ll share more next week.

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Real Party – Tony’s Jazz Club

This June, my hubby turned a major milestone and I wanted to celebrate and honor him.  He had never had a surprised birthday party so I thought it was a wonderful time to surprise him and at the same time throw and awesome party!

Party TimeI wanted my husband’s party to reflect who he is which is why I chose a Jazz Theme since he is a musician.  The color scheme I chose was navy blue, silver and black.  As an event planner, I can get carried away with color schemes, but I was so excited to be able to use his favorite color, which navy blue and it seemed to fit the theme so well.  Check out our day!



Each table had a Jazz Great assigned to the table with little known facts, and a welcome sign saying “Welcome to T’s Jazz Club” IMG_9990

I must say that it took a lot of planning to surprise my hubby.  He is so inquisitive and very in tune with me, so I had to solicit help from our dear friends Paul and Lisa, and his cousin Darryl.  If it weren’t for those guys I don’t know how I would’ve pulled it off.  Well since we had the party at our house, I had to devise a plan to get him out of the house.  So Darryl picked him up that morning and the work began.  I later picked him up and brought him back to the house and the surprise began.



We got him good.  Our family and friends greeted us as we walked through the door.  I was so happy!

I wanted guests to feel the musical tone as they walked in the door.  To accomplish this, I created a music note backdrop that would also be used for pictures.  I thought this came out so cute.  I had so much fun creating it.


Since it was a Jazz Club theme we had a life band, the Paul Allen Connection which consisted of guys my husband plays with.  We also had the lovely songstress Lisa Newberry who belted out jazz tunes and a lovely rendition of happy birthday.  We sat the band up in our dining room where my husband’s organ is so that he could jam with the band at the end of the night. I must say this could’ve been a real recording session with all the musical talent in the room.





My hubby loves fresh fruit, so I created a fruit bar for he and the guests to enjoy while waiting on the main course.


 I created the table cloths to have a blue sequins on the top to give it a jazzy, disco type feel.

As the guests arrived, we had our host Mr. Sebastian to give them a menu so that they could order their meal for the night.  I had fun creating these.  I wanted it to have the jazz club feel with a black menu which I embossed with my hubby’s initial.




On the menu was Shrimp, Chicken and Sausage Gumbo w/Rice, Vegetarian Gumbo w/Rice (My hubby is a vegetarian and I had to have something especially for him), Red Beans ‘n Rice, Put the Squeeze on Mac ‘n Cheese by Lady Robin, Chicken Wangs, and Ha’ Mercy Cornbread all cooked by yours truly with the exception of the Mac ‘n Cheese cooked by our friend Robin.




We had several drink options which I gave musical terms.  The Blue Tone-Tini Martini our Signature Drink and the Sweet Sangin-gria, and we had Grape, Strawberry, Orange Soda Pop.  I also created name tags for everything.



Lastly the desserts were created by Mrs. Amanda of Sweet Granny Cakes.  If you have not had her sweet treats you are missing out.



Check out the music cupcake tags I created.

Overall we just had a good ‘ole time enjoying our family and friends.


The Dream Team




And kudos to our awesome photographer Harris of GC Photobooth.  He was the best!

Me and Harris

At the end of the day, my hubby was very happy and that’s enough for me.  Hope you enjoyed sharing in our day.

When planning events, I always start with my client to get the inspiration for my theme.  Where do you find your inspiration?

Take Care and have a great weekend!


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

As the saying goes, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?” But I’ve found out that it’s not just girls, everybody at your wedding wants to have fun. So what can you as a couple do to ensure your guests have an awesome time. There are so many fun elements that can be added to your ceremony and reception. Our favorite concept is the Photo Booth. I’m sure if you’ve been planning your wedding you have seen many Photo Booth vendors. So I wanted to know what makes this concept so awesome. So why not ask an expert?  I reached out to my good friends Art and Val of GC Photobooth to get the Photo Booth 101 lesson.  Take a look at what they had to say…

gc photo booth rental-3

So what is the concept behind the Photo Booth?

When bringing up traditional Photo Booths, most people might bring up the classic booths at carnivals in the 90’s where you step inside with your date, snap a few photos, and then have it printed out on a film strip- and that is exactly the concept of it. Simply to have photos taken and printed out on the spot to take home.

Are there different types of photobooths? If so, what are they and why are they different?

Today, while classic photo booths are still around, there are many different types of Photo Booths. The classic Photo Booth is the type where you step inside and take photos in your own privacy which are traditionally more popular for Weddings.  However, in this day and age there are other styles including the Open Air Photo Booth, Green Screen Photo Booth, and Red Carpet Photo booth. These are all considered “open” meaning you don’t go inside of any structure. With the Open Air Photo Booth, you are in an open space and may have a backdrop or simply the scenery as the background.  The Green Screen Photo Booth is also open but instead you have a Green Screen behind you which allows the subject to be superimposed on any background image such as a beach, a landmark, etc.  Finally, the Red Carpet Photo Booth is exactly what it sounds like. There is a Red Carpet rolled out with stanchions and a custom step and repeat banner that serves as the backdrop.

Why are Photo Booths great for events?

Photo Booths are fun for all ages and help to capture the moment of the event. Best of all, photos are printed right then and there and who doesn’t love a good photo? Photo Booths have become a staple in most Weddings, as well as Private Parties, and Corporate events.

event photography los angeles-17

If a client is having a themed event, can you customize it to fit their event?

Certainly. The footer design that brands the photo is always customized. For example, if you have a Photo Booth at a Wedding, we will most likely design the footer to match that of the Wedding invitation. Furthermore, customizing the Backdrop is also an option and of course the booth itself. With Green Screen, you can also provide images that match the theme of the event. The possibilities are endless!

121216_205959 20121210_201201 130920_000031 130503_003334

 Wow how exciting to learn more about Photo Booths.  I want to thank Art and Val for sharing their expertise with us.  If you’re looking for a Photo Booth I encourage you to check them out at  I have worked with them on several events and they are super awesome!


Take Care,