Superbowl Party Fun

Depending on who you were rooting for, you are either basking in glory or scratching your head and asking what happened???  Well this year’s Superbowl hit an all time record with viewers an estimated 114 Million viewers.

Well I don’t know about you but I sure did have an awesome time decorating and getting things together for the big day. Below are pictures from the Superbowl celebration.



I love crisp clean lines and love the look white picture frames add to any event.  I created this sign that was placed near the beginning of the food line.

IMG950163  IMG950161

Created these signs in the team colors.  Which door would you choose?


Had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Lesley of 5K Nutrition for this event.  Her and her team cutely wrapped the dinnerware for the guests.  These turned out so cute.

                                           20150201_141907  20150201_144920

Created these cute little signs for all of the food items.  I love how the yellow and green pair together.


No party would be complete without dessert.  Served mini chocolate cupcakes on this created cupcake tier which is actually three individual cake stands.  And the focal point of the day was the snack table.  I so love how it turned out and everything was created with supplies from your local craft store.

 20150201_145754 20150201_145759


20150201_145636 20150201_145644

Overall I’d say that we made a touchdown with the day’s event.


Well football season is officially over.  Here’s to next year’s party ideas.

Take Care and have a great day!



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