Wedding Invitations 101 – Recap

Invitations are a very important aspect of any event, especially your wedding. The invitation gives your guest a glimpse into what’s to come on event day. It denotes the style, the formality, and most importantly the color scheme of your wedding.

20140221_221558 - updated

We started a series called Wedding Invitations 101 to share what we feel are some important aspects of choosing your invitations.  The first post on Wedding Invitations 101 – Invitation Styles which discussed my three favorite invitation styles, The Wedding Card, The Folded Card, and the Pocket Fold.  In that post, I also discussed the printing options available; Engraving, Thermography, Letterpress, Foil Stamping, Digital Printing.  Check out our post from  May 29th. 

Next we did a post called Wedding Invitations 101 – Etiquette which looked at invitation etiquette answering questions such as “Should invitations be hand delivered?” “Can you put “Wishing Well Wedding” on your wedding invitation?” Well can you? “Can You have two guest lists?” No, no, no.  And one I see all too often, “Is it okay to add “and guest” on your invite?”

We have two more aspects to view for our Wedding Invitations 101 series.  We will next look at Wedding Invitations 101 – Ordering Tips answering questions such as when should you order and even how much you should order.   Then we will look at Wedding Invitations 101 – Assembling Your Invitations looking at things such as which way should the invitations face when placed in the envelope.

We look forward to you stopping back by!  The goal for me at Erika’s Elegance is to breathe life into your dreams….I would love to work with you on any project, be it a wedding, birthday party or event corporate meeting.  I’m your gal!

Take Care and Have a great day!

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