Bridal Shower Fun!

This past Saturday I assisted with a bridal shower for my 4th of July bride and we had so much fun!!! The theme was “Just Hanging with the Girls” and we used a Black and White Damask Pattern with a hint of Tiffany Blue which is the bride’s wedding color.

The day started off with everyone meeting at the bride’s home. When they arrived, there was a party bus waiting to take the party to their destination. The ride to the location was about an hour, so the ladies took time to reflect on how they knew the bride and to share any fond memories. The time went by so fast because the ladies had so much fun just laughing and sharing.


We then arrived to the Bride’s mother’s house it was time for fun in the sun by the pool. The bride’s mother created this awesome sign in the pool that said Love is…and added a picture of the couple. This was such an amazing idea and a great focal point that honored the bride to be.


We had the ladies to sit around the pool where I filled basins with water infused with Jasmine soaking salt with Tiffany blue pebbles and topped off with rose petals. Each of the guests were able to soak their feet while waiting for their massage. The mixture of the jasmine with the rose petals left a nice fragrance in the air. It was hard to get convince many of the guest to get their massages because the the water felt so good and they enjoyed being able to relax.


I used baby’s breath to create the arrangements that sat around the pool.  I always like to keep with the theme and accomplished this by cutting strips of damask paper and placed around the vases and added a thin strip of the tiffany blue ribbon.


The bride’s mother had three masseuses come in to give each girl a 15 minute massage. I was able to sneak one in and I must say it was heaven. Once their massage was done, there was infused water to provide refreshment.


Also, the guests were able to pick up a hand sanitizer as a thank you to them that I used tiffany blue ribbon to attach the custom thank you tags I created.


I created two games that we played while sitting by the pool. The first was a traditional game that is often played, however I added a twist by adding the bride’s picture in the background as a watermark. It turned out so cool.

Racell's Name Game

The second game we played was inspired by my bride’s love for shoes. Her dress is so gorgeous so I created a game called The perfect dress….and the perfect shoe. Each guest was to draw a shoe and decorate it with the jewels and pearls that were provided. The bride picked the shoe she liked the best. We had so much fun with the games.

The Perfect Shoe

I created these cute little gift bags


Then it was time to leave. Where did the time go, it went by so fast. We were off to our cars and to reflect on the wonderful memories created during the day. It was such a pleasure to work with the bride’s mother in created an event that the bride can talk about for months to come.

Are you planning a party, bridal shower, wedding or other event? I would love to help you create an event that you will always remember. I would love to hear from you. Let’s start the plans by contacting me today!

Have a great day.

Take Care,


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