Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

As the saying goes, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?” But I’ve found out that it’s not just girls, everybody at your wedding wants to have fun. So what can you as a couple do to ensure your guests have an awesome time. There are so many fun elements that can be added to your ceremony and reception. Our favorite concept is the Photo Booth. I’m sure if you’ve been planning your wedding you have seen many Photo Booth vendors. So I wanted to know what makes this concept so awesome. So why not ask an expert?  I reached out to my good friends Art and Val of GC Photobooth to get the Photo Booth 101 lesson.  Take a look at what they had to say…

gc photo booth rental-3

So what is the concept behind the Photo Booth?

When bringing up traditional Photo Booths, most people might bring up the classic booths at carnivals in the 90’s where you step inside with your date, snap a few photos, and then have it printed out on a film strip- and that is exactly the concept of it. Simply to have photos taken and printed out on the spot to take home.

Are there different types of photobooths? If so, what are they and why are they different?

Today, while classic photo booths are still around, there are many different types of Photo Booths. The classic Photo Booth is the type where you step inside and take photos in your own privacy which are traditionally more popular for Weddings.  However, in this day and age there are other styles including the Open Air Photo Booth, Green Screen Photo Booth, and Red Carpet Photo booth. These are all considered “open” meaning you don’t go inside of any structure. With the Open Air Photo Booth, you are in an open space and may have a backdrop or simply the scenery as the background.  The Green Screen Photo Booth is also open but instead you have a Green Screen behind you which allows the subject to be superimposed on any background image such as a beach, a landmark, etc.  Finally, the Red Carpet Photo Booth is exactly what it sounds like. There is a Red Carpet rolled out with stanchions and a custom step and repeat banner that serves as the backdrop.

Why are Photo Booths great for events?

Photo Booths are fun for all ages and help to capture the moment of the event. Best of all, photos are printed right then and there and who doesn’t love a good photo? Photo Booths have become a staple in most Weddings, as well as Private Parties, and Corporate events.

event photography los angeles-17

If a client is having a themed event, can you customize it to fit their event?

Certainly. The footer design that brands the photo is always customized. For example, if you have a Photo Booth at a Wedding, we will most likely design the footer to match that of the Wedding invitation. Furthermore, customizing the Backdrop is also an option and of course the booth itself. With Green Screen, you can also provide images that match the theme of the event. The possibilities are endless!

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 Wow how exciting to learn more about Photo Booths.  I want to thank Art and Val for sharing their expertise with us.  If you’re looking for a Photo Booth I encourage you to check them out at  I have worked with them on several events and they are super awesome!


Take Care,



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