It’s a Bride’s Life!

Wedding season is here. The rush to find the perfect venue; finding the perfect centerpieces; adding last minute guests to your list; to attending a cake tasting for a cake you’ll only take a bite out of on your special day. At times it may seem a little overwhelming with planning every detail to your perfect wedding.

There is no other detail more important to a bride than her wedding dress. The wedding industry has so many gowns and styles to choose from. Ball gowns from Marchesa; Mermaid from Peter Langer; Sheaths from Angel Sanchez; Strapless from Carolina Herrera; One Shoulder and V-necks from Jenny Packham. My, oh my! What more could a girl ask for? So many wonderful bridal gown designs from fabulous designers.

Sebastian's Picture 2
Ines di Santo Spring 2014 Collection

Of course, no outfit would be complete without the perfect pair of shoes, to the jewelry, and to finish it off a beautiful handcrafted headpiece. Of course every girl needs her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, but in time that will come.

Every bride wants to feel like a princess. What do you imagine yourself wearing on your wedding day? Are you a modest and classy, fun and girly, simple or dramatic kind of a bride? From Vera Wang, Azzaro and Pnina Tornai, the perfect dress awaits you.

Sebastian's Dress 1
Angelina Faccenda Gown

For every girl the hunt for the perfect wedding dress can be a challenge at times. Sometimes you may feel conflicted when searching for the perfect dress. Don’t fret, take a deep breath, you just haven’t found “the dress.” When you do, you’ll know. The emotions will show through laughter and tears. Always follow your vision! Don’t settle for less.

So as the countdown to your wedding begins take one more sip from your coffee mug and as you head out the door to start your day take a moment to scream out loud “I’m Finally Getting Married” then begin to crack down and put yourself on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress.

-Sebastian Michael Ramirez

Sebastian's Pic UpdatedI’d like to introduce you to our guest blogger Sebastian. Sebastian Ramirez is an intern at Erika’s Elegance who is currently pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Business at ITT Technical Institute and will continue on to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management. Sebastian loves writing about the daily life of a bride from finding the perfect dress, to finishing off the ideal bridal look.


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