You’ve Got Style!

We are in the midst of wedding season and if your big day is coming up, I’m sure you are knee deep in the wedding planning process.  There are so many fun and exciting details to consider and lots of decisions to be made.  Do you go for the tall, massive centerpieces, or maybe you want something more simplistic like a simple rose surrounded by candles on your table?

During your planning, it is important to decide what type of bride you are.  Are you the Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge style bride with all of the glamour fit for queen?  Or do you like to kick off your shoes and run free through the grassy meadows?

 So what kind of bride are you?  Take a minute to answer a few questions.

Your Bridal Style

I hope you had fun taking our little test.  Stay tuned on Monday to see what type of bride you are.  At Erika’s Elegance we would love to help you tap into your bridal style.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

Have a great weekend.

Take Care,



2 thoughts on “You’ve Got Style!

  1. I’m old fashion with #2, I believe church as a venue is still the best. My other option would be a floral garden or outdoor park…And on #10, I dream of a horse and carriage..#oldfashion


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