What’s the Benefit?

When I ask “Do you have a planner?” The first response I typically get is, “I don’t need a planner” or “It’s not in my budget.” I recommend that everyone planning a wedding have an event planner. When I got married, I had been planning weddings and events for over 13 years and although I did a lot of the work, I hired planners for my big day.

I think wedding planning often gets a bad rap because clients don’t understand the true value that a planner brings, nor do they know the man hours that go into planning the details to ensure your wedding is executed successfully. When you see planners make their job look easy, it’s because they are passionate about their job and are good at it.

So what is the benefit of hiring a planner?

There are many details to be planned within a certain time frame. It is very important to stay on schedule to ensure everything gets completed. You not only want to get things completed, but you want to get them completed in an efficient manner. A planner knows all of the legwork that goes into executing a successful event and can help you with Time Management by developing a detailed schedule with key milestones, as well as, a timeline of events. This frees up more time for you to focus on yourself as the bride, as well as, your groom, family and friends.

Time Management

You will also be entering into several contracts with multiple vendors. A planner can help you negotiate the best pricing.  A planner will also have experience in reviewing contracts for key terms and conditions. Vendor Management is an important aspect of event planning and becomes even more critical when you get closer to event day. There will be a lot of interaction with the vendors to determine things from finalizing headcounts to scheduling delivery times. Your planner can take the pressure off of you by interacting with the vendors, so that you can spend more time on “being the bride”.

During your planning process, there are many costs to consider.  A planner can help you with Cost Management by providing you with a budget analysis. The budget analysis will take the amount you have allocated for your wedding and break out how much of your budget should be spent in each category. In addition, a planner will be able to recommend quality vendors that align with your budget and price point, in essence saving you money and keeping you on track.  Your budget a very important element.  You don’t want to be stressed out worrying about over spending.  This is one of the first things I discuss with my couples.  We set a realistic budget and stick to it!

Budget 2
During the planning process you are juggling the wants of you, the groom, your family, your friends, and your family to be. Relationships are very important during this milestone in your life and it is important to have someone as your advocate when questions arise.  Relationship Management is one of the biggest component of what I do and I love it. I love working with people and being able to address any concerns the bride and groom may have in regards to making their day special while incorporating in elements of their culture, family and friends.

There are so many more dynamics to planning a wedding, I have just highlighted what I deem as the main areas. When hiring a planner it is important to get someone who has experience and a passion for what they are doing. You won’t regret it. It was the best decision I ever made.

I would love to assist you with planning your wedding or any event you may be having. It is my goal to ensure you have an event of a lifetime by breathing life into your dreams. Contact us now.

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