Wedding Planning 101 – Budgeting

Valentine’s Day has passed and we are just transitioning out of the four month “Engagement Season.” I always love seeing newly engaged couples, so in love and full of zest and excitement about their upcoming wedding day. So you’re engaged, now what? In November we shared the following Post-Engagement list to help you start the planning process.

Post Engagement List 5x7

One of the first things I ask my couple is “What is your budget?” I guess you can say it is the previous Accountant and Project Manager in me, but understanding your budget is a key and critical component of your planning process.

Determining your budget is important because it allows you to categorize what should be spent in each major wedding expense category. Secondly, it allows your planner to find vendors that are a good fit for your overall vision, and lastly it allows you to do an actual versus budgeted amount to see exactly where your money is going.

Below is a recommended breakdown on what percentage of your budget should be spent on major wedding categories.

Budget 5x7

My advice to brides is once you set your budget, stick to it. When working with a reputable planner, they will provide vendors and options that fall within your budget to help you stay on track.
At the end of the day, you want to have a beautiful wedding, but you don’t want to stress yourself out getting down the aisle.
Planning a wedding??? I would love to work with you as your planner. Contact us today to set-up a complimentary consultation.


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