I’m Back…

Happy New Year!!! Wow, all I can say is this has been a very interesting year thus for. Some of you may have noticed I’ve been gone away for a little bit.

As I entered into 2014 and started to embark on the new year with new possibilities, my life drastically changed. My dad, whom I shared with you in a post at the end of last year passed away on January 6th just two days after we celebrated his birthday. Needless to say, this has been a very difficult time for not only my sister and I but our entire family. You see we were daddy’s girls and my dad LOVED us to the 10th power honestly and earnestly. He instilled values in my siblings and I that helped to mold us into the men and women we are today.

Although 2014 didn’t quite start off like I expected or would’ve wanted, I believe all things work together for a purpose and I am so excited about what is in store for for me and Erika’s Elegance.  Are you still excited about what this new year has in store for you?

I didn’t make a laundry list of “resolutions” or “to do’s” for the year.  It’s very interesting, little did I know that my focus would change just 6 days into the new year, but my philosophy will be to go harder than I have ever have gone before for my business, my clients, and my family. My dad has taught me, in more ways than one that life is too short and tomorrow is not promised, but what does matter is what you do with the time you have….

I dedicate this post to my dad Reverend Charles E. Owens, Sr. One of the best men that every walked this earth. I miss you tremendously, I love you dearly, and I will never forget you. I wish I had just a little more time with you but I am going to use what you taught me in 2014 and “Go Hard” in all that I do.

The Late Rev. Charles E. Owens, Sr.
The Late Rev. Charles E. Owens, Sr.
Daddy Walking Me Down the Aisle
Daddy Walking Me Down the Aisle
Our Daddy!
Our Daddy!
the trio
Smiling on the Inside!

What does 2014 have in store for you?  I would love for you to join me on this journey as we

“Go Hard” in 2014

Celebrate and Let's Go Hard in 2014
Celebrate and Let’s Go Hard in 2014

Take Care,


2 thoughts on “I’m Back…

  1. So glad YOU’RE back! Awesome message on the love of a father and his daughters. It’s definitely time we go hard! 2014 is a great year!


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