Christmas Time Is Here

I can hear that song ringing in my ears now as I prepare for the upcoming holiday.  Many preparations are being made for such a special day, a day that our Lord and Savior was born.

My home is filled with the smell of Cinnamon Pinecones, Peppermint and Winter Fir.  Such delightful smells all that remind me of the family traditions we’ve developed over the years.

Starting the Tree Trimming for Our Christmas Tree

Over the next week, I’ll share with you some of my favorite family traditions for decorating, baking, shopping and wrapping gifts.

I think this is absolutely my favorite time of the year.  I was talking to my sister the other day and both realized why we love this holiday so much, it’s because our dad LOVES this holiday and has always made it special and festive.  Just that discussion brought back so many wonderful memories.

Me and My Dad, I affectionately call him, my big guy

“Christmas Time is Here” is one of my favorite Christmas time songs, but I must admit, I only know the first few lines of the song.  Every time I hear it, I get so lost in a nostalgic moment I start replacing the words with my own Christmas memories.  Join me in looking at the words.

Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer
fun for all that children call, their favorite time of the year

Snowflakes in the air, carols everywhere
golden times and ancient rhymes, of love and dreams to share

 Sleigh bells in the air, beauty everywhere
Yuletide by the fireside, and joyful memories there

Christmas time is here, families drawing near
Oh, that we could always see, such spirit through the year

Don’t you feel the Christmas Spirit?

I’d love to hear what holiday traditions your family and friends have developed.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!



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