The 3 Must Haves At Your Wedding

I recently took a survey via Facebook…and the results are in….you have spoken.  So what are the top 3 items that our viewers have voted for?  I’m so excited we have a tie for the #1 and #3 spots which allows me to talk about 5 of my favorite must haves for a wedding.  We’ll countdown to #1.

  • Coming in at #3 are a “Fun, Lively Reception” and an “Awesome Photographer/Videographer”

There is nothing more thrilling than seeing the couple and their family and friends partying and having fun until the last song is played.  As a planner, it is my goal to help you create an event where your guests will want to dance the night away.

In addition, it is important to have all of your memories captured so that you can go back and relive those memories for years to come.

  • Coming in at #2 is “Beautiful Décor”

Beautiful décor can change the atmosphere of a room and your wedding or event day.  You want to determine what our vision and theme is and pull in those elements that will give you the “WOW” factor.  We at Erika’s Elegance love to use flowers, fancy linens, and a little bit of bling to create the wow factor for our clients.


  • And tying for #1 are “Great Music” and “Delicious Food”

In order to keep your reception lively, you MUST HAVE great music.  It is important to work closely with your DJ and/or Band to ensure they have the music that you want to create the ambiance needed for your special day.  There are so many great songs that can be played to get your guest up and partying ‘til the break of dawn [Symbol]

Lastly, delicious food is a must have.  I’m sure we all have been to an event or two and the food wasn’t top on your list.  Although your guests are coming to celebrate with you, you want to create an experience for both you and them that leaves a lasting impression.  You have put so much work into planning you want to make sure that food is par excellent.  Many chefs will work with you to create just the perfect combination.  That’s what the taste testing is for.

There was so much great feedback on the top 3 must haves.  It was so exciting to read all of the results.  No matter what your top 3 are, the winning equation is always:



**Special thanks to Kings Street for the photo.


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